Custom Heuristics catalog


Custom Filters

Here I'm going to discuss concerning custom Heuristics catalog and below we mentioned a list of all custom heuristics (file types that DiskDiggerapk doesn't support natively) that have been requested or submitted by users!

To access any of these custom filters, download the file(which is called custom.xml) and copy it to the same directory as the Diskdigger executable, then run the program.

Refer to the Custom Heuristics tutorial for instructions on how to create your own custom filters.

  • Microsoft OneNote file (.ONE)
  • Torrent file (.TORRENT)
  • SQLite database (.SQLITE)
  • JMeter test file (.JMX)
  • ELF executable
  • ICC color profile
  • Shockwave Flash file (.SWF)
  • Acronis True Image file (.TIB)
  • VirtualBox disk image (.VDI)
  • Data from SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
  • Advantage Database table (.ADT)
  • Roblox file (.RBXL)
  • Yamaha keyboard settings (.RGT)

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